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  'To die, to sleep. To sleep perchance to dream'

   Act 3 Scene 2 Hamlet, (William Shakespeare)



What do dreams mean? 

A dream is the subconscious  sending a message to your conscious mind.  The message might be quite literal and at other times the message in the dream might be quite cryptic.  

 The Content of a dream & metaphors.

 'The symbolic meaning of a dream can often be found by looking for the metaphoric   meaning of a dream image or action. A metaphor is defined as a figure of speech in which a term is transferred to something which it does not literally apply. Dream images often give literal meaning to a thought or action, which once translated back into colloquial speech, can give us an understanding of what the dream is about.'  

Consider all of the different elements & objects dominant colours, numbers,  emotions,etc. A recurring dream can indicate that there is something in your life that you are not dealing with or something unresolved. Once you have worked out and identified what the issue is, you may be in a better position to resolve it. For example, if you repeatedly dream of running away, consider exactly what it is you are trying to escape from.

A dream intepreted for the Toni & Guy Magazine 2003

  The Dreamer:  (a recurring dream).

'I'm on my way to a really important event (my sisters wedding) where there were a lot of people. When I arrived there, I find that I've forgotten to get dressed. In the dream I am either totally naked or dressed from the waist up. I am devastated and want the floor to open up swallow me, however, nobody else at the event seem to notice. I am left waiting in agony in case someone notices.'

    The interpretation

 'Nudity or partial nudity can indicate a fear of exposure or possibly a need for recognition in some important area of your life. Bare breasts may relate to a fear of intimacy or a desire for more openness and honesty in relationships in general and a wish to be accepted for yourself.

Such an important event, as your sisters wedding, and you arrive naked. This  may be an unconscious attempt to upstage your sister, which isn't very pleasant, especially, on such an important event in her life,  (it may suggest sibling rivarly). Although, in the dream you are devastated and want the floor to swallow you up, this could be associated with a fear of exposure, guilt or shame, but there is no real escape from your innermost feelings. You may of unconsciously mastered the technique of concealing your feelings and emotions from other people, family & friends, but your unconscious is sending a clear important message to your conscious mind for you to confront your problems, as it's really time to move on.

There you are, left waiting in agony. The agonizing wait is self inflicted, suggesting, that on some level you are not prepared to acknowledge that possibly a past  experience  had profound impact on your life, and has left its mark. This reacurring dream might indicate a negative impression left over from what was a particularly unsettled period in your life and possibly when this recurring dream first began. It may even go back further to your more formative years when you felt left out or ignored, with a sense of not getting the attention you felt you so rightly deserved.  

The other people in your dream appear oblivious and indifferent to your dilemma in the dream sequence.  Even your outrageous semi naked appearance at your sisters wedding goes unnoticed;.  The  dream seems to be about your self image, the sense that your personality has little impact upon others and a desire for recognition.

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